Online Writing Retreat for Academics

Reclaim Focus & Get Your Writing Done



Online Writing Retreat for Academics
Focus Writing Time

Focus Writing Time

By committing to attend this weekly session, you can start prioritizing & devoting time to your research. By showing up weekly, you will build momentum & make progress in your project.

Good Writing Habits

Good Writing Habits

You will learn and practice strategic writing techniques that help you get your writing done, how to set up a realistic plan for your project, and ways to reinforce healthy, consistent and efficient writing habits.

Supportive Coaching for Academics

Supportive Coaching

Beyond writing, you will learn tactical exercises in time management to help you reclaim your writing process and feel more confident about your writing. Together, we'll turn writing into a joy, not a chore.


Online Writing Retreat for Academics

At the Write Technique, we know that the writing process is unique to every individual. But what is common to all researchers & academics is that we have less time to write and more distractions that keep us away from our projects. Our online retreat implements focused writing time into your busy schedule & give you the support you need to get your writing done.

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What Your Fellow Scholars Say About the Retreat

Just when I thought I'd found the formula for suffering my writing alone -- equal parts idiosyncratic, isolating, and insecure -- Anaïs Nony gathered a retreat to celebrate our work as writers and women. We wrote as Anaïs presided over opening prompts and project goals with strict parameters around time and intention. What came out was the life-boosting practice of relying on the retreat group, and the paragraphs and pages that came out still zing with that pleasure.
Online Writing Retreat for Academics
Hannah Schwadron
Associate Professor of Dance History, Florida State University

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Online Writing Retreat for Academics
Online Writing Retreat for Academics
Online Writing Retreat for Academics
Online Writing Retreat for Academics
Online Writing Retreat for Academics
Online Writing Retreat for Academics
Online Writing Retreat for Academics
Online Writing Retreat for Academics
Online Writing Retreat for Academics
University of Johannesburg
Online Writing Retreat for Academics
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About me

Anaïs Nony, PhD is a digital theorist and the founder of The Write Technique. She spent the first part of her career studying the impact of digital technologies on mental and social life, and researching flow writing and deep-attention.

In 2019, she started running writing workshops at the University of Cape Town and the University of the Western Cape, coaching humanities students and early career academic scholars to get their writing done. Three years later, she founded The Write Technique, with a mission to support scholars achieve their professional goals by helping them discover their true writing potential.

Anaïs knows what it is like to be constantly distracted by our surrounding environment (technology, institution, family). But she knows from her research and experience that prolific scholars protect their time and create a safe place to get writing done. This is why she created online writing retreats for academics to help busy researchers like you reclaim focused time and get your writing done.

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How it works?

It’s time to prioritize your research and finish your writing project.

The Write Technique’s weekly online writing retreat is based on a holistic approach (mental, emotional, spiritual, institutional) that helps you devote time to your writing, focus and make your research a priority. Discover what writing regularly looks like and the structure needed to complete the writing phase of your research effortlessly.

Concrete Support for your writing project

Rediscover your passion for your research & make progress with TWT’s online writing retreat. 

Join us every week to get:

Online Writing Retreat for Academics

Low Tech

We start by turning off distractions (emails, phone calls, IMs, social media) and protecting our writing time. We use both keyboards & longhand to facilitate the rewiring of our brains during warmups.

Evidence-Based Writing Methods

We implement tactical exercises in time management and use different writing prompts to help you overcome the inner critic and unhelpful storytelling. We'll get you into your writing groove and build momentum around that.

Coaching Support & Accountability

We create a supportive & safe environment that allows you to look your writing blocks honestly. We are here every week. We show up and we get writing done, and motivate you to do the same


Anaïs Nony is fantastic to work with at all stages of the writing process. She has helped me set goals, keep track of my progress, and overcome my writing inhibitions. She has lots of creative writing prompts that are aimed at identifying the most important part of a scholarly argument.
erika weiberg phd
Erika L. Weiberg
Assistant Professor of Classical Studies, Duke University
Anaïs Nony understands the challenges, pressures, and demands of academic writing–and life at the university. Her deep empathy is only surpassed by her attention to detail & her ability to chart out a generative process for writers. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a godsend.
Mahvish Ahmad
Assistant Professor in Human Rights and Politics, London School of Economics
My schedule is always packed, but Anaïs Nony helped me make time for my writing. She’s shown me the value of 15min a day at the height of the semester. Her own expertise and experience as an academic is invaluable. You know you’re being supported by someone who understands the journey and has the wisdom to help you arrive at your destination — the book!
Victoria Collis-Buthelezi
Associate Professor of English, University of Johannesburg
Anaïs Nony has helped me develop writing strategies through a variety of academic genres. No less importantly, she is always supportive, helping to build self-confidence and overcome writer’s block. I am sincerely thankful to her for she accompanies me towards the achievement of my writing and career goals.
Jeanne Etelain
PhD candidate in French Literature, Thought and Culture, New York University
Empathetic and incisive: as a writing mentor Anaïs Nony helps authors grapple with and overcome inhibitions and blocks, and iterate their voice in a rigorous and measured way. As an editor, Anaïs makes sure that a book shines through the density of academic and public discourse.
ruchi chaturvedi
Ruchi Chaturvedi
Senior Lecturer of Sociology, University of Cape Town
I've been to other academic writing retreats but The Write Technique is the only one that leaves me feeling extremely empowered about my writing and my research. I can't thank Anaïs Nony enough for the push and support.
Silvia Valisa
Associate Professor of Italian Studies, Florida State University
The experience of the writing group is life changing. I learnt to prioritize my work again without doing it in a toxic way; where I am always saying i am not good enough. I was also able to publish a book review with Cambridge University Press because of the advice and teachings from the writing workshop.
Sikelelwa Anita Mashiyi
PhD candidate and Associate lecturer, University of the Western Cape
Anaïs Nony is a brilliant instructor when it comes to academic writing. She also understand how one's social context contacts to the activity and responds with deep compassion and recognition to the difficulties many writer's face in this regard. I can recommend her course without hesitation. She really knows what she is doing and does it with so much aplomb.
Emma Daitz The Write Technique
Emma Daitz
PhD candidate in Sociology, University of Cape Town
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